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Frequently asked Questions:

"Was ist besser: DJ oder Band?"

"Was genau macht ein DJ?"

,,Welche Fragen sollte ich vorab mit dem DJ besprechen?"

,,Ab welcher Uhrzeit sollte der DJ gebucht werden?"

1. How can I book you for my event?
You can contact me by phone, use the contact form on my website or send me an email. You also have the option to reach me via Instagram. I am at your disposal to answer your questions.

​2. Which music genre or style fit?
Based on my experience as a DJ, I adapt the music directly to the mood of your event. During the aperitif, I recommend music that spreads a good mood, but at the same time does not disturb the communication of the guests. Genres like lounge or blues would be great choices here. For the dinner, be it a wedding or a company dinner, I especially recommend jazz or ambient music to create a pleasant atmosphere. As soon as the dance floor opens, my real work as a DJ begins. I make sure the music gets the guests dancing and partying and the party is in full swing! You can rely on me to create the perfect atmosphere for your event with my selection of music.

3. Do you offer a light and sound system?​
Yes, I offer a high-quality light and sound system for your event. My sound system is designed for events with up to 300 people and ensures optimal sound quality. If your event requires a larger facility, that's no problem. I can hire additional equipment to ensure the sound is appropriate for any size event. The costs for the light and sound system are usually calculated as a flat rate and are included in my offer. You can rely on me, with my professional equipment, to provide an impressive sound and light backdrop that will make your event unforgettable.

4. Which events have you successfully managed so far?
As an extremely versatile DJ, I have successfully managed an impressive range of events. I have created a relaxed atmosphere in hotel lounges, created unforgettable musical moments during the ceremony, reception and celebration at weddings and delighted the birthday child and guests at birthday parties with suitable music and rousing beats. I've also played at corporate events, nightclubs and restaurants.  
In the ski area, I created the perfect after-ski atmosphere at après-ski parties and ensured unforgettable moments at family celebrations and special birthday celebrations.
Whatever the type of event, I'm ready to deliver the perfect musical arrangement and wow the guests

5. Can you accommodate special music requests?
Of course, I am happy to consider special music requests! As a DJ, my goal is to make your party an unforgettable experience, and that includes taking into account the musical preferences of your guests. I even offer music wish cards so you can indicate your favorite songs in advance. However, during the party I like to focus fully on you and the mood. Please submit your music requests before the dance floor opens.

However, I would like to point out that as a DJ I know how to reach the musical highlight of a party. Sometimes a certain song can set the mood at an inopportune time. In such cases, I will politely point this out and play the song if requested, but accept no responsibility for the impact on the party atmosphere.

So that I can get the best possible atmosphere out of the evening and the party doesn't die down early, I ask you to trust in my musical expertise. If you communicate your music wishes in good time before the party, I have the opportunity to prepare the songs and include them in my playlist. This allows me to respond better to the dance floor and audience and keep the party going.

I'm always grateful if you let me know your music preferences in advance, as this allows me to pre-screen the songs and tailor them to the audience. This is especially important when it comes to lesser-known songs that I may need to download before the party. I am happy to assist you to ensure that your musical ideas and the party are in harmony.


6. Are you available for events in different locations?
Yes, I am available for events at various locations. As a DJ who is ready to travel, there are no limits for me and I am willing to come to your event, no matter where it takes place. Please note, however, that the duration of the journey will be taken into account when preparing the offer. My goal is to offer you a bespoke solution that suits both your musical preferences and your venue.

7. How do you organize a typical event?

When designing a typical event, I attach great importance to careful preparation and a smooth process. I'm usually on site at least an hour before my DJ performance to set myself up in time. My goal is to create an impressive atmosphere that will inspire your guests as soon as they enter the venue.

To do this, I set up my high-quality sound system and the impressive light decoration before the guests are admitted. This provides an instant "wow" effect and sets the perfect stage for your event. It is often desirable for background music to be playing throughout the day. For this I have specially prepared playlists, which I simply play depending on the situation to ensure a pleasant background music.

During the actual DJ performance, I focus on opening the dance floor. Before that, I play a remix I've prepared at home to get the musikaliscto make the transition seamless. As soon as the dance floor is open, I personally take over the DJ function and provide rousing beats and smooth transitions to encourage the guests to dance.

8. What are your pricing and package options?

With my prices and package options, I attach great importance to an individual and fair design. I deliberately refrain from all-inclusive prices, because I want to take into account the uniqueness of each event. Every event has its own requirements and needs, be it a small birthday party or a large function with hundreds of guests. My quote is based on the number of hours of play you would like for your event. In addition, I also consider other factors that have an important impact on the price. This includes the furnishings and equipment that I will bring to your event.

Requirements may vary depending on whether it is a wedding, corporate party or other type of event. As a result, the price between different events can differ by a few hundred francs. My goal is to provide you with a tailor-made offer
t that meets your individual needs and ideas. Transparency and openness are particularly important to me. Therefore, I am at your disposal to discuss your requirements and wishes in detail. This way I can ensure you receive a fair and reasonable offer that is perfectly tailored to your event.

Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss further details and receive a non-binding offer for your event. I look forward to preparing an unforgettable event for you with my musical expertise!

9. Can you spontaneously extend your presence and playing time?
Yes, of course you can spontaneously extend my presence and playing time. I offer the ability to add extra hours and I have set a flat rate for this. A delay of one hour does not result in additional costs. Flexibility is part of my service and I will do my best to ensure that your event is a complete success, regardless of timing differences. You can count on me to continue to provide my musical expertise and entertainment to keep the mood going and delight your guests.

10. Can you lead the evening and take over the moderation?

Yes, I also offer moderation and management of the evening. However, this additional service requires extensive preparation on my part, which is why the costs are correspondingly higher. Due to this extensive preparation, it may happen that I am not always able to accept all moderation requests. If I decide to be a moderator, I take the necessary time to prepare myself perfectly for the evening. My open nature and humor allow me to bring in jokes and funny stories that lighten the mood and provide good entertainment. Especially at weddings I can organize bridal games and ensure that the guests are actively involved in the events. I guarantee that I will find a suitable game for every situation and thus contribute to an entertaining and unforgettable evening.


Although this service requires more effort, I always try to offer you a first-class moderation and to lead the evening professionally. If you are interested in this service, I am at your disposal to discuss further details and to find an individual solution for your event.

11. What languages do you speak?

I speak German as my mother tongue and can easily communicate in English. In addition, I have basic knowledge of French and can communicate in this language with a certain limitation.

12. How do you dress to an event?

I adapt to the dress code of the event. If there is a special theme, such as a themed event or wedding, we are happy to clarify expectations in advance. Otherwise, I usually wear smart casual or black tie to weddings. My goal is to be professionally and appropriately dressed to add to the atmosphere of the event and make a positive impression.

13. Can you put together a wedding medley?
Yes, I can edit a wedding medley. If I cannot accept the order due to my previous bookings, I am happy to offer you to prepare a suitable remix of several hours. I will then send it to you in MP3 format. I am also at your disposal to help find another DJ if I am already booked on your desired dates.

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