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It's me

Welcome to my musical world, where melodies transcend borders and emotions are expressed in sounds. I invite you to embark on a journey of positive vibes and unforgettable moments with me. Expect rousing rhythms and sonorous surprises as we bring the dance floor to life and create memories that will last forever.

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My story

1. Roots and Early Passion

I saw the light of day in 2003 in the sunny climes of Brig (Valais). I discovered my deep love for music early on. The rhythmic sounds and melodic tones enchanted me from an early age. This fascinating universe of music never let me go.

2. Way into the music world (training and first steps as a DJ)

After my apprenticeship as a bank clerk and the completion of my professional baccalaureate, I was drawn inexorably into the world of music. The music set my soul vibrating. In 2017 I entered the exciting world of DJs where I started my journey on the turntables. I continuously developed my skills and passion to give people unforgettable moments with my music.

3. The art of diversity and harmony (style and creative expression)

Mixing different styles of music and creating harmonious soundscapes is a creative art form for me. I always strive to find the perfect style of music for every event and to touch people's emotions with my sounds. My repertoire ranges from pulsating beats to gentle melodies to create an atmosphere that makes the hearts of the listeners beat faster.

4. Personality and growth (strengths and weaknesses)

My personality is characterized by openness and entertainment. I like to bring people together and inspire them with my music. But I am also aware of my weaknesses, such as my quest for perfection and my tendency to be easily influenced by anxiety. These weaknesses serve as a drive for me to constantly develop and improve my art.

5. The Journey of Inspiration and Stage Presence (Travelling and Musical Vision)

My passion for traveling leads me to new inspirations and sounds from different cultures. These trips shape my musical vision and allow me to keep my performances fresh and innovative. As DJ Callisto, I have the privilege of performing in clubs and bars where house music style is dominant. I always strive to fill the dance floor with vibrant energy and positive vibes. Every moment on stage reflects my love for music and creates connections between people while creating happy memories.


"In tune with the stars, I light up the night"
DJ Callisto, where dream parties come true.

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